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  Xi'an Kaiyuan transformer rectifier equipment factory is specialized in development, manufacturing converter professional equipment manufacturers, factories located in Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Fuyuan fish, three-way chemical industry park 2.
  Factory production of rectifier converter equipment, KCA series battery charging device, KHF series of electrolysis equipment with thyristor rectifier, KVA special power supply products, KBA series of general industrial power supplies, DC traction, DC drives, voltage regulators, power adjust excitation , electroplating power supply units and supporting various types and specifications of the rectifier transformers, specialty transformers, reactors. Also produces a variety of welding copper welding, transposition, and winch cable tester sensors.
  Plant has achieved IS09001: 2000 quality management system certification, the factory strictly according to GB3859-93 deflector national standards for production.
  Development of a converter device factory for China's economic development has made important contributions over the years in China's railway construction projects in key car battery charger KCA series played a significant role, the majority of the praise and praise the use of units, which are widely used in the country.
  Development of TH1-series factory welder transformer phosphor bronze welding equipment in the production process is widely used in transformer, motor manufacturing, wire and cable industry. CTC developed the factory tester dedicated for CTC detection device, SLX-03-type plants developed winch depth sensor testing system for oil exploration, is the comprehensive logging, geological logging instrument the necessary equipment.
  Factory production of rectifier transformers, special transformers, reactors, not only to meet internal supporting the use of my factory, but also to meet different user requirements, to provide more products.
  Advantage of existing technology factories, but also relying on high-tech industry in Xi'an based convenient converter technology, with strict management system, not only to ensure product quality, and provide quality services, good reputation, so that the user satisfaction assured. I plant to the quality of survival, to explore development, quality and efficient for the purpose, keep credit, contract and dedicated service to our customers.

Edition board all:Xi`an Kai Yuan transformer & rectifier equipment works  Address:Fish Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi
Fuyuan Chemical Industry Park, No. 2 three-way   phones :029-84415217   Fax:029-84414426   Zip Code:710086 
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